The Nazareth Boys Basketball Booster Club is the parent organization that supports the Nazareth Boys Basketball.  The club meets the first Wednesday of each month at  7 PM in the HS Cafeteria.  All families are welcome to attend and become involved in the fundraisers and other events to support the basketball players.

  • President- Sara Eddings

  • Vice President- Tahizy Bugbee

  • Secretary- MaryAnn Federico

  • Treasurer- Hal Eddings

  • President- Melissa Whitman

  • Vice President- Sue Durner

  • Secretary- MaryAnn Federico

  • Treasurer- Betty Anne  Kresge

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The booster club is the fundraising arm of the organization. 

The Booster Club provides the following:

  • Team Outings

  • Huddle Subscriptions

  • Banquet

  • Senior Scholarship

  • Senior Night Expenses

  • Camp Bus

  • Summer League

  • Tournaments

  • Costs associated with supplies for program books, apparel and other activities.